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Clavius landing pad

After enjoying my Aries 1-B model I decided I should make the landing pad for it as well. Took me a while and some new skills but I was finally able to get a good result I believe.




Edge of Tomorrow suit finished!

Edge of Tomorrow fan art

Edge of Tomorrow Power Suit

New work

I’ve just added two new images to my portfolio: “The Dark Knight” and “The Creech”. Both use zbrush heavily which I have really been trying to learn this year (finally!). My next project is to finish up my character from the movie “Edge of Tomorrow” with Tom Cruise. Here’s a work in progress view of him!

Edge of Tomorrow WIP

zbrush gun

I’ve been trying to learn zbrush a lot more, specifically the hard surface modeling tools. Here’s a reproduction of Batman’s grappler gun from the Nolan series. Not perfect but goot enough for my first try!

Additional Ralph McQuarrie Y-Wing renders

Here are some orthos of my Y-Wing based on Ralph McQuarrie’s original concept drawings. This was done for fun for a CGTalk Hardcore Modeling Challenge.