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Edge of Tomorrow suit finished!

Edge of Tomorrow fan art

Edge of Tomorrow Power Suit

New work

I’ve just added two new images to my portfolio: “The Dark Knight” and “The Creech”. Both use zbrush heavily which I have really been trying to learn this year (finally!). My next project is to finish up my character from the movie “Edge of Tomorrow” with Tom Cruise. Here’s a work in progress view of him!

Edge of Tomorrow WIP

Kronos One model

After a bit of time, but faster than most of my side projects, I completed my model tribute to Kronos One from Star Trek 6. Ive decided to post some of the renders Ive been making, testing mats and the model and having fun with it. Also a few test animations form oldest to newest.

Aries 1B Interior Spherical Render

I’ve been working on another spherical render, this time for the passenger area of the Aries 1B. Chairs have been heavily upgraded from previous versions.


Aries 1B model

Another series of renders for the Aries showing more detail. Some textures are outdated at this point, but good shots showing the details.


Aries 1B Cockpit QT VR

Had made this awhile ago, but a fun little spherical render of my Aries 1b cockpit model. A nice way to display the model w/o making a whole animation. Click the image to check it out!

Pirate airship views

I’ve finally managed to have time to post some more views of my Pirate Airship created by David Wranding for the CGTalk Hardcore Modeling Challenge: “Queen of the Rocketmen”. It was really enjoyable to be a part of it. I’m hoping to one day getting around to texturing this guy. I tried to use WWII era technology and the streamline aesthetic when building this guy.

Here is the original concept art:

Here are some more wire views of it. I tried to have everything on the airship make sense and have a purpose for being there.

This is the command area and radio towers.

The main engines of the airship

In this area I made a loading bay and a cargo drop ramp along with a hangar and rocket pads which are near the top.

The lower fin ended up being bomb bay doors.