Mike's Online Portfolio


These are my personal projects since I work full time in the industry. More of my professional work can be seen at my employer’s website, Straightface Studios. Images were made in 3D Studio Max and ZBrush using renderers such as VRay, MentalRay and Brazil. I also use ZBrush, Rhino, Nuke, and Photoshop in my pipeline. Click on the images for more details about what tool was used.

A small sampling of my photography hobby.

A short animation with a rerendered Aries 1-B model plus my Clavius Base model.

Clavius Base model animation

A short animation of my Aries 1-B model I finished. Rendered in 3ds Max and MentalRay. Compositing done in Nuke:

Short animation done on my free time at Straightface Studios:

Heads from Straightface Studios on Vimeo.

An animated film from a college animation course, “Two Old Chicks” (2004-2005) that we worked on as a class (or mini-studio). I was character modeling lead and also part of the animating, concepting and environment team.. More info available via youtube.